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Alan Openshaw April 11, 2014 at 06:25 PM
The Superintendent stated "In the present case, the district has acted appropriately byRead Moreturnin g over all of the evidence in its possession to law enforcement officials who are our partners in student safety. " Threats were made and then followed through and two incidents of violence were reported to the school. According to the Legal Councel for the school who I am assuming was a replacement for the Superintendent at our last meeting, the evidence on these two altercations (in which physical contact between the alledged bully and the victims who had been threatened) was not sufficient to report to the Police. My contention is that CSD allow the Police to decide what is and is not sufficient. Apparently the Principal of the school was the sole determinant of the severity of the crime. I would like to know what experience the Principal has in law enforcement and when is it appropriate for the school to supercede the jurisdiction of the local Police especially when a crime is being investigated and these physical acts are in accordance with the threats that the Police were investigating
Lavender Green April 14, 2014 at 12:34 PM
it is so sad things at school has not changed, a few years back my daughter was a student at WTRead Morehigh school and had a bullying issue, this happened in the class rooms while teachers were there, they did nothing, she told her counselor again NOTHING, she called me one day scared so I marched up to the guidance office to speak to them and was politely told well they don't have time to talk to you today. Being the type of mother I am i don't take no when it comes to my kids so I waited till her counselor was done with who ever she was in there with and then walked in sat down. Long story short i asked why it wasn't taken care of and the reason was the school wanted to see if it would work its self out, their first course of action was going to be pull my kid out of class and make her sit down in the counselors office, why should mine be punished right, so i told the school fix this problem with no recourse to my child or i will take it out of school and go directly to the kids home. The problem these days are parents don't stand up for their kids, they will push it back to the school who apparently don't give a crap. Its you kids take control if you feel it should go to cops take it there, if you need to go higher then that specific school take it out of the district supervisors hands take it to the board of education and watch how people jump, take it to the TV station make it public. Stand up be heard and start realizing that these high paid sitters in these lavish schools our taxes are paying for are need to start earning their salary and stop turning a blinds eye