Map: Worst Potholes in Warminster

Use our Zeemap to mark where you have found the worst potholes in Warminster.

Have you had a flat tire lately?
With the wrath of storms and a vicious thaw-freezing cycle, holes have opened up on the roadways.
Where have you witnessed the worst potholes in Warminster? 
Share on our interactive map. Here are the steps:

1. Click "Add" in the upper right.

2. Click on the blue hyperlink to pick a location on the map. 

3. Drag the map above the submission box to place your star. 

4. Hit "Submit."
Kevan Williams January 17, 2014 at 09:53 AM
I have been unable to find a link to the map you refer to, is this article missing a link, or is my browser "Chrome" just being difficult?
Bob Walters January 17, 2014 at 12:25 PM
Intersection of Sinkler and Log College As soon as you turn onto Log College you are met with real DEEP pot holes. These potholes have been there since last summer, or longer!
CyD252 March 06, 2014 at 08:04 PM
According to the article linked below, "State law holds counties and municipalities responsible, but only if officials knew about the pothole and didn't fix it within a reasonable amount of time — which isn't defined in the law, but generally is accepted to be 7 to 10 days." Can we leverage this? Take pictures and note locations of major potholes, send it to the Township via certified mail, and let them know that in two weeks' time, they're on the hook for subsequent auto damages? http://triblive.com/x/valleynewsdispatch/s_670353.html#axzz2vEahv4q8


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