Warminster Rotary Donates $4,000 to Local Food Pantries

The organization presented the funds to local charities during its weekly luncheon at Giuseppe's.

The holidays have a unique way of bringing the generosity out of everybody, much to the benefit of local charities desperate to make a merrier Christmas for needy families.

But when it's your mission to provide assistance for those hungry families all year long, $1,000 can go a long way toward helping out. 

"Everybody gives more at this time of year," said Sandy Blitzstein, from the Bucks Landing YWCA Food Bank. "The donations can really dry up in the spring and summer. This will really help fill that void."

Blitzstein and her colleague, Kristin Chapin, represented one of four local food pantries that gathered at Giuseppe's Tuesday afternoon to accept a $1,000 donation from the Warminster Rotary.

In the past, Rotary usually selects one or two Warminster families and gives them support as they go through trying times. This year, the organization has dedicated its resources to contribute to the fight against local hunger. The group teamed up with Archbishop Wood's student council to collect more than 700 pounds of food that was donated to Philabundance to replenish the local food pantries. 

"We wanted to make a bigger impact on the community as a whole," Rotary President Greg Hucklebridge told Patch in November. "Instead of making a difference for one family, we are helping hundreds." 

Plus, through annual fundraising events such as the Charity Ball, Rotary pulled in more than $4,000 that was donated to the groups gathered at Tuesday's weekly luncheon. The money will be distributed in the form of Giant gift cards among the YWCA Food Bank, the Ben Wilson Senior Center, the Warminster Presbyterian Church Food Bank, and the Coordinating Council for Health and Welfare, which operates a food pantry out of the Warminster Heights administrative building.

"We're just very grateful for the donation," said Kathy Coxwell from the Warminster Heights food bank. "We'll stock up on food and also give some cards out to families as they need them."


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