Anticipation Ends as Wawa Opens Street Road Store

The new Wawa on Street Road offers free coffee to customers until Nov. 17.

Just two hours into its opening day, and already the gas pumps and parking lot in front of the new Wawa on Street Road were filled to capacity. Before Warminster Supervisor Chairman Leo Quinn could take the podium to welcome the new store, he needed to grab a cup of the popular coffee. There's no doubt about it, Wawa has come to Warminster.

"The township has been working tirelessly for more than 10 years to find Wawa a suitable site for a new store in Warminster," said Quinn. "I thank Wawa for sticking with us, and I thank the Warminster community for sticking with Wawa. I wish them much success."

After introducing the management team at the new Street Road location, the grand opening party moved to outside for a ribbon cutting ceremony and the moment of truth for the township fire and police departments.

A team had been selected from each department to compete in a hoagie build contest. They each had three minutes to build and wrap as many hoagies as possible. As the second flew by, lettuce and onions flew between the competitors. The vigorous contest ended in a tie, each team constructing 19 sandwiches.

The new Warminster store features Wawa’s newest store design prototype, including 4,600 square feet of retail space and additional gasoline facility, as well as new in-store graphics, colors, restroom design, and merchandising features.  Jennifer Larmourwill serve as General Manager of the store.

In the days leading up to the store's opening, Larmourwill could feel the anticipation building around the neighborhood.

"We went around to local businesses with welcome kits," said Larmourwill, a 16-year Wawa employee who previously managed a store in Plumstead. "They were all really excited to see us."

The store offers customers numerous Wawa brands, such as the award-winning Wawa coffee (195 million cups sold annually); the Sizzliä, Wawa’s hot breakfast sandwich; Wawa’s new line of specialty beverages (hot, cold, iced, and frozen); Wawa Bakery; Wawa’s built-to-order hoagies (80 million sold annually); and Wawa’s beverage line of dairy products, juices and teas.

The Wawa superstore and gas pumps are located at 555 Street Road, next to the CVS. Until Nov. 17, customers can enjoy a free cup of coffee at the store.


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