Boomers Working Past Retirement

The owner of a Newtown tech company started the business only months after retiring, and surveys say he's not the only baby boomer who has no desire to leave the workforce.

When 57-year-old Stewart Paul, owner of Newtown’s TeamLogicIT, retired from his job at New York City-based Primex International in 2010, little did he know he would be back at work just months later.

It wasn’t the rough economy that forced the Princeton, N.J. resident to get back in the workforce; it was his desire to work.

“I come in each day and I really enjoy what I do,” he said.

A recent survey of older Americans from the National Council on Aging, United Healthcare, and USA Today showed that more people than ever are working well past their retirement age.

The most interesting fact that the study revealed was that the baby boomers wanted to work to remain productive rather than due to a need for steady income.

A poll conducted by Charles Schwab had similar results. About 75 percent of respondents said they were “sticking with their jobs because they want to,” MySenior411 reported.

Both studies credited the boomers desire to keep working on improved medical treatments and more preventive care.

At Paul’s Newtown office, he manages a small team of more than a dozen employees that service the IT needs of consumers in Bucks, Philadelphia and Mercer counties.

“We basically handle any movement of data, network design, support, cloud computing, phone systems, repair and website design,” he said.

After “failing” at retirement, the businessman discovered that Trisis Technology in Newtown was for sale, and after negotiating a price, Paul bought the business in April 2011. He soon transformed Trisis into TeamLogicIT.

In the months since Paul purchased the State Street business, he grew the numbers of clients, hired several additional skilled employees and improved customer service.

“We’ve grown significantly. It’s not because we’re brilliant, or unique, or because of our tech capabilities; it’s our approach,” Paul believes.

The business, which services both PC and Apple devices, focuses with laser precision on the problems that individual businesses have and works on custom solutions.  

“We really want to find out what works best for a business and see how tech fits into the business,” he said.

Retirement surely is not in the cards for Paul. Up next, Paul is continuing to grow the business by hiring three new employees, and he plans to open another office in New Jersey.


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