Top Stories in Warminster for 2012

With the dawning of a new year, let's take a look back at Warminster's most memorable moments in 2012.

Before 2013 gets fully underway, take a look at some of the stories that got people talking last year. 

The Centennial School District provided plenty of fodder. As the board worked in the first half of the year to close a $3 million budget gap, proposals to cut programs and alter the elementary bell schedule grabbed the community's attention. The district's woes did not stop at the board room, unfortunately. As the William Tennent Madrigal singers prepared for a trip to perform in London during the 2012 Olympics, the choral director, Tyrone Dinkins, was arrested for several counts of inappropriate contact with his students.

The news was not all bad for Centennial schools. There were plenty of achievements by students to appreciate, including:

  • A Soft Place to Rest Their Head
  • Night of Thanks at School Board Meeting
  • Log College Student Publishes Children's Book
  • Centennial Klippers Give Harlem Wizards Run for Their Money

Just weeks after swearing in newly elected member Mark McKee, the Warminster Board of Supervisors had a surprise at one of its meetings when Ellen Jarvis publicly resigned her seat over a dispute about tax collector Barbara Loftus' salary. After a search, the board approved the selection of Daniel McPhillips as her replacement. Later in the year, the township administrators decided that the operation of the WREC Center was too costly, and agreed to return the property to the Centennial School District and find a new home for the Parks and Recreation Department.

While the township officials worked to keep the lights on, Warminster residents made some notable news themselves, including:

  • Carrying on Brandon's Legacy
  • Ann's Choice Towel Drive Gets Boost from Phillie Phanatic
  • Warminster Producer Takes Home Grammy for Children's Album
  • Quilting for Kyle

The end of October into the beginning of November saw two major events, one man-made, one a force of nature. Hurricane Sandy blew into the area, mangled neighborhoods and knocked out power for most of the township and county, not to mention the devestation throughout the Jersey Shore. Rain or shine, power or no power, Election Day got people out of the house and into the voting booths.

Other memorable breaking news from the year include:

  • Purse Snatching Causes Lockdown of Willow Dale and Log College
  • One Killed in Northampton Car Accident
  • Major Suburban Meth Ring is Caught
  • Tennent Alumnus Killed in the Line of Duty
  • Warminster Police Officer Fatally Shoots Home Invader

The local business community saw some changes to the landscape. Despite best efforts to remain viable, the 263 Marketplace was forced to close its doors. Meanwhile, some new stores opened up around town, such as Menchie's Frozen Yogurt, and established businesses made some changes, such as Giuseppe's move to its new location.

Other business news from 2012 include:

  • The Big Ragu Drops in for Some Frozen Yogurt
  • Steak & Hoagie Factory Opens York Road Location
  • Local Barbecue Experts Head to Arkansas for National Competition
  • Little Leo's Now Has Free Wi-Fi
  • Ivyland Country Store Remains Community Staple Since 1874


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