Parents, What Are Your Suggestions To Help Make Your School Better???

Make suggestions, make comments. What do you want to see change in your childs school to make it a better place for all kids??

First I want to say Thank you to all of you that posted on .  I am glad so many of you posted your concerns and frustrations.  I hope, if even in a small way that you feel better for getting it out.

Now, let's figure out what we can do to make our schools better.  Any suggestion big or small is fine.

For example:  Communication between parents and schools needs to get better.  More parent involvement in the schools.  Maybe there should be a parent involved on the school board from each school level to voice concerns/problems. Asking the parents/students how we would feel before the board starts making changes.

What would you suggest?  How would you like to see things change?  We know what the problems are, now we need to get them fixed.  Give suggestions for all schools elementary, middle and high schools.

I also want to say thank you to Dr. Cressman for getting involved and for being available for parents to talk to.  Didn't see any other board members on the last post voicing their availability.

I just ask that we be civil to each other.  We are all in the same situation.  Let's work together!!

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southampton parent May 31, 2012 at 11:44 AM
What is going on with the new Davis playground. I don't know if anyone has noticed the giant hill in the back where they put 48 steps and a ramp on it without asking anyones opinion. Well they want to send our children up that hill for their playground. They have 30 minutes to come out of their rooms, walk the hallways, out of the building and up the hill. By the time that is done they will have to get ready to come back down the hill and if you know children they will run down the hill, roll down the hill and possibly FALL down the hill. I don't know whos crazy idea this was. The hill is not a good idea nor is it a safe place. What another waist of money putting steps and ramp on the hill. You couldn't of found an easier way or cheap way to get rid of the dirt. I didn't see any sign telling people Free Fill dirt. I know my husband would of gladly taken some and so would probably other households. Are we going to allow this? Are our children going to be safe at recess?? Remember possibly 100 students per grade will be RUNNING out to recess. Are you gone to stop them from running up and down the hill? Does anyone know what STackpole hill looks like? they run up and down there all the time even though they are told not to.
Pamela May 31, 2012 at 02:35 PM
I have two dogs that tore up my yard, so far I have put 1 ton of dirt back into the yard. I still need another 1/2 ton. I would GLADLY have taken some dirt!(even paid for it) This is just another example of ANOTHER CHANGE ORDER that the SB and Super will approve costing taxpers more $$$$ because of careless planning and an an inept project manager...
Pamela May 31, 2012 at 03:08 PM
Singapore Math and Everyday Math are two competing methodologies for teaching mathematics to schoolchildren. In 2003, The Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study reported that students in Singapore ranked first in the world in tested mathematics achievement, while American students lagged in sixteenth place (with some of the lowest scores in the first world).Everyday Mathematics was released in 1998. It became part of a nationwide controversy over reform mathematics. What Works Clearinghouse ( or WWC ) reviewed the evidence in support of the Everyday Mathematics program. Of the 61 pieces of evidence submitted by the publisher, 57 did not meet the WWC minimum standards for scientific evidence. Our school district goes with the program that many are turning away from..imagine that...
(Davis) Southampton Mom May 31, 2012 at 03:14 PM
Seriously, I don't know who's brilliant idea that was! I heard they are going to chop off the top of the hill. The staff was afraid of a mudslide coming down on the school. There is really no cause to have that stupid hill there. The new Davis takes up most of the land, that they now don't have much room to put a playground. We spent millions of dollars to build a brand new school & we have incompetent people running the planning. This is an accident just waiting to happen. I guess the school district can afford another lawsuit, but the taxpayers can't!!
southampton parent June 01, 2012 at 12:46 AM
They just built the building for education. They don't care about children and their recess. Exercise is not on their mind. Also, if it rains nowhere really to go if the playground is muddy not much room on black top neither. they have 30 minutes for recess it may take approx. 6 minutes to go out and up hill if they are quiet and walking alone. Group of kids will take longer to walk. and Another 6 or more minutes to line up and go back in for lunch. Not much time for recess. What a joke no one asked for opinions or ideas now everyone who cares is scrambling trying to figure things out. The higher ups don't give a crap and did everything on their own without everyones knowledge. TYPICAL


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