Team USA - Suffering Under Coach Obama

If Obama ran an NFL team like the runs the USA - he would've been fired years ago.

Obama’s main theme is “fairness for everyone.”

Thou shalt not have more talent, more skill, more reward than my brother.

Okay, then, let’s pretend that Obama is the coach of the New England Patriots.

Tom Brady is obviously skilled, a hard worker, and is OMG – reaping the benefits of talent, skill, and hard work. He is creating jobs for those on his team, those outside his team (from sales to marketing to merchandising to bringing income into the city).

If Obama were Brady’s coach, no doubt, in ‘being fair,’ Obama would send Brady to the Browns; Colt McCoy is the quarterback for the most losing team in the NFL (aside from the Saints) so far this year.  The Browns are having a terrible season and OMGosh, this is JUST NOT FAIR!

According to Obama, no person should do better than another, and if they do, they oughta be stripped of their talent and wealth and it should be re-distributed. Obama blames everyone but himself – imagine an NFL coach doing this – just how long do you think he’d be reporting for duty.

“We lost again, but WAIT, it’s not my fault, it was the weather – it was too hot!”

“We lost again, but wait, it’s not my fault! It was the fans – they weren’t loud enough!”

“We lost again, but wait, it’s not my fault – it was the previous coach – he spoiled our whole team!”

Obama proclaimed at the start of 2012 that he wasn’t going to work with Congress anymore because they (including a Democrat filled Senate House) can’t get along.

How well do you think this would work at a coach?

Imagine Obama walking into the GM’s office and saying, “Listen, these players won’t listen to me so I’m just going to spend the rest of the year traveling to other cities and talking about what a great coach I am.”

GM: “You’re going to talk about what a great coach you are, when you can’t even work with your own team?”

Obama: “Yes. That’s what a great leader does.”

GM: “Seems to me a great leader will do whatever it takes to get his players to communicate – if it takes locking the doors and ordering pizza and beer for the next month – he’ll do it. A great leader will not turn his back on his players, he’ll turn himself over to them, find out what he can do to bring out the best in all of his players.”

Obama: “That’s ridiculous. Players should listen to their coach. A coach shouldn’t have to listen to his players.”

GM: “You’re fired.”

In an Obamacratic world – There would be no Super Bowl – no World Series – no Stanley Cup – because everyone would be equal. Your children would not get A’s or B’s – because they would share their grade averages with those children who were not as smart or those children who elected to play video games instead of studying – so your children – to be fair to all – would have C’s.

If this is the world you would like to live in, please, feel free to open your house the homeless – to share half your salary with the welfare mom that continues to have kids.

If you’re a true Patriot, you believe in individual liberty, in striving for success, and teaching your children to work hard, not to reach for a handout.

I don’t pretend to know a lot about football (I’m a hockey fan, to be honest) – but I do know if Obama were to be the coach of any team – his “fair” philosophy, endless excuses for failure (none of his doing, of course) and refusal to work with his team – would land him in the unemployment line and no doubt, he’d be portrayed as one of the worst coaches in all of sports history.

The Super Bowl is a celebration of talent, strength, hard work, and success. It is not always won by the team with the highest payroll. It is often won by the team that has hustled the most, has found a way to minimize their losses and how to turn their weakness into strengths – and who is most responsible for the teams’ success? The coaches. They don’t talk about being fair – they don’t blame the weather or bad timing or a previous coach for the team’s failures. They sit in small room and watch endless game tapes, they get inside their players heads, they motivate, they plan and then they execute and if it doesn’t work, they take responsibility and work harder. They never, ever, turn their back on their team.

If Obama would send Tom Brady to one of the worst NFL teams in the league to punish Tom for his talent, success, and hard work, what kind of message does that send to other players?

It sends a message of why try to be successful – only to have it taken away.

A team is a reflection of a coach.

Congress is a reflection of its’ leader.

And with Obama as America’s coach, we’ve become one of the worst teams in the league.


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Nick October 08, 2012 at 06:06 PM
Laura Freed is a hateful, shameful propogandist. The truth is meaningless to her. Shame on Patch for permitting such BS.
Rush Limbo October 08, 2012 at 06:12 PM
Nick facts stick with the facts! Give examples of what is a lie and support your claim with facts ! Too many of you Chicago style pundits just want to make up filthy lies and false attacks. Be different join the conversation with, (Drumroll please.....) FACTS
David Neamand October 11, 2012 at 12:44 PM
Patrick, What a bunch of hooie. Obama has in his three years splintered the country, ran up our deficit, clouded the business world with uncertainty, flooded the nation with useless and business hampering excess regulation, downgraded this nation's stature in the world community by his foreign policy ineptitude, allowed a year of almost total congressional stand still by not even trying to force consensus, and, issue more presidential edicts thus circumventing the US constitution and congressional review. He did all this while deftly and adroitly pointing at others as the cause. Remember Harry Truman "The Buck Stops Here"? With Obama it is "quick pass the buck". I see nothing from this president but misery. GDP below 2% again this year, jobs (up until last month's dubious spike) had been trending down for months, corporate America sitting on the largest cash position in history, Why? because of the uncertainty of direction from this president. I pray for a Romney victory as I feel the country can ill afford another 4 years from this man
David Neamand October 11, 2012 at 12:51 PM
Maggie, So all from the right are wackos? How discriminatory of you. I find that when you look at two sides of an argument somewhere in the middle is the whole picture, you would have us just consider YOUR side and forget the rest? A bit self centered no? This is still a free country and people are still welcome to post here as long as comments are not profane, or raciest. I guess you would have each and every comment screened using the "Maggie" rule of common decency? Let us hope not, for America's sake
David Neamand October 11, 2012 at 01:01 PM
The level of vitriol here is astounding! I direct your attention to the fact that in America there is still FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Rather then attack with such vigor, perhaps a better route might be to engage in debate, but no, baselessly attack simply because YOU DON'T AGREE! What comes next, the department of correct political think? Most of the attacks from the left in this stream are simply that (A couple from the right as well), the comments are not logical but based on emotion and an attitude of "because I say it is so", rather then a well thought out comment or reply. Why is your position any more powerful to others then another comment on the other side of the political spectrum? Perhaps there should be less "hate speak" and finger pointing, and more joining of ideas to fix the problems in this country? One party didn't put this country in the position it is now, and one party isn't going to fix it. We need a consensus, and I challenge both parties to work towards a consensus and stop blaming each other for the current state of affairs. Become part of the solition, not part of the problem.


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