The Frustrating Process of Pet Adoptions

Looking for that new family member can be somewhat frustrating at times...

A little over a year ago, my family and I decided to add a new kitten to our home.

We had recently lost our beloved cat, who was a valued member of our home for a very long time. We didn't run right out, seeing at the time we had a old dog who was going blind and had gone deaf, but just the same was very very much a part of our lives.

We had searched local online adoptions, and yes, every single kitten was cute, so my husband and I decided to venture out on my birthday to find the right kitty. We spend hours driving around and finely found the perfect kitten at Petsmart in Jenkintown. After about two hours of holding it and bonding, the woman assisted me in filling out the paperwork and told me we were the first to put paperwork in on him.

I left somewhat unhappy to leave behind my new little guy. But I waited for that call to run down and pick him up. That call never came. Even after my umpteen phone messages left.

Finally, after about two weeks, I received a call from the woman who was in charge and guess what, my application sat on her desk while she decided if I was worthy enough to adopt the pet.

After speaking to me she said, "OK, but the cat you want is already gone!" I mean, come on, I had one cat that had passed - mind you I had spent over $2,000 trying to save it - and a dog who was blind and deaf but still no reason to put down, and another old cat who had nothing wrong with it.

So, I ask why? But with that said, I went to a pet store and bought a kitten! Put a real bad taste in my mouth for these shelters! Now time has come to add a puppy to our home, after almost a year since my beloved pet had passed, the hunt begins.

With this in mind things have changed a bit since the last canine purchase: The grandchildren! On Saturday we venture out to Hatboro to visit with the pets for adoption, still a little shaky about them, but there he was, the most adorable little puppy, a black lab mix. My granddaughter fell in love.

Again, the fill in and wait begins. I was determined this time to not be left behind, so I filled in the paperwork, followed up on Monday, and today received the dreaded, "Oh, we gave it to someone else."

Now, I very much understand the fact that they accept paperwork and have to check it out, but what I do not get is why bring a puppy to a festivity for adoption and then not have that puppy given to someone there?

This has very much made me suspicious about the system for these private shelters. Don't get me wrong, I believe the pets deserve a good chance and these people do care for them, but I believe these people do not take into consideration that when a five-year-old sees a puppy at an outing and are told we will put paperwork in for it, and then they don't get that puppy, well, let's just say I think I will be finding a puppy elsewhere!

So the search goes on, for a medium size dog, would love a chow mix, but will look at other mixes as well, no pit bulls, no dog that is going to be a runaway and so on. I know the dog is out there, and it's a shame that that one was not ours, but maybe I will find one soon.......

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Lavender Green September 26, 2012 at 06:48 PM
thank you all for your advice, as stated i really wanted to adopt, however seeing i have tried two different rescues and my application sat for like ever, and I also had two people who work at the rescues give me an excellent reference, and the fact that i have a 17+ room house with ample yard and so on the process was just way to long. Those beautiful animals grow fast and my grandchildren need to see the process of the growth, so i sucked it up and went to a pet store in bensalem and purchased a pure bread chow chow. She is 9 weeks old and worth all the money i paid. My grandkids are happy, my vet has already seen her and she will now be registered with the township. I stress to anyone who has the time to wait to adopt to do so, as for me its not an option
Francis Mattis September 26, 2012 at 08:25 PM
Wow, you posted this yesterday and have already given up and decided to contribute to the problem. Way to hang in there.
Tina Cairns September 26, 2012 at 09:40 PM
The fact that Lavender Green didn't have the patience to wait a few days to adopt a pet and headed right to the puppy mill is exactly the reason WHY we have puppy mills in the first place!!! Thanks to Lavender that chow chow's mom will be able to pump out a few more litters for profit while living in deplorable conditions.
Alice w September 26, 2012 at 09:55 PM
Tina, very well said, I was just getting ready to post a similar post....Thats what happens when people like Lavender Green are uneducated on the adoption procedure and inpatient adopters want a dog NOW!! I'm sure if LavenderGreen was putting a human child up for adoption she would want all the proper steps taken to make sure the child would be raised in a safe and loving home, its NO different when it comes to a dog, they too are living creatures that deserve a wonderful life as well.. People like that just encourage the vicious cycle of puppy mills to keep breeding and breeding and living in horrid conditions!!!
Lavender Green September 27, 2012 at 03:31 PM
The funny thing is i have been looking for almost a year now, and i agree with you all, i did just post and yes it seems that i did run right out and get one but the truth be told i have been looking and looking and this is not the first time I have had issues with the slowness. I agree, one should value the steps they take to insure the safety of the loved animal, but, yep theres a but, if the people who are excepting the applications would be honest to those trying to adopt and tell them that it takes a few weeks, instead of telling my entire family on saturday in Hatboro, that we would have an answer by tuesday, and that that pupply would not be available, then it would be much better, but they dont. They bring the cute little animal, then someone goes up and says they want to adopt it and they fill in the paperwork with the only thing in mind of having that one and guess what the information is left out! But people believe me i am all for adopting animals children and so on, I believe that the process just like any other application takes time and moves at a snails pace, do i think these people intent to lie or ummmm mislead, no i believe they are trying and then people like me who have two small children saying why dont have the time to wait, Yup people it was wrong, and i feel well ok because my puppy is perfect and my grandkids happy


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