Valentines day is such a bunch of bs its pathetic. Females running around hoping their mates will give them roses, candy, jewelry oh and lets not forget the darn card!

Sad how a holiday which mind you is a Christian holiday seeing it is for Saint Valentinus, a saint who went and married people who the church said should not be married. But alas the man became a saint.

Funny how the Christians even way back then controlled who was to be wed and who was not, kind of like the way they are doing it now with the gay people. What a way to run things.

Anyway, each year the card companies make a mint seeing most men will run out and buy buy buy, because if they don't the woman will get mad and be all pissy.

Funny how this is such a tradition, funny how people do not realize that one should appreciate their mate every day, not just this one specific day. If you have found the person who is your love, at this present time in your life, don't just show them or tell them on this holiday. Show them each day with the little things, no amount of roses, candy, or what evers can amount to the little things a person does to show they love the other.

If a man or woman has to resort to the "Valentine" to prove their love, well then maybe there really isn't unconditional love there.

Now I am not saying don't go buy that card, or gift or what ever, I am saying that you want a true happy relationship then show one another that your love is every day, unconditional, that you are growing as a person and they are growing as a person and together your growing as a couple.

I would rather have kind loving words every day then a huge chocolate boxed heart, or a lame or not so lame piece of jewelry once a year.

So people think, think about the things that are important, and if your with someone who thinks they deserve the extravagant gift on February 14th then maybe you should think again!

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