"Not Me" Strikes Again!

Tip for getting ink out of your dryer after "NOT ME" causes a blue explosion.

Thursday I noticed blue ink all over inside my dryer.  Of course, when I asked who did it, they all replied “NOT ME.”

I was worried that from now on everything we own would be covered in blue ink so I set out to tackle the blue and evict it from my dryer.  I took two white towels and dipped them in a mixture of water and bleach, wrung them out a little and threw them in my dryer for 40 minutes, praying it would work. Forty minutes…..the ink was gone without a trace!  Mom saved the day again!

Our mini crisis was over and my family convinced me that it was “NOT ME” who put a pen in the dryer and let it explode all over.

Now, I know I have a lot of kids, but I don’t recall naming one “NOT ME.”  Who invited “NOT ME” to live here and why on earth does “NOT ME” cause so many problems? 

Wednesday “NOT ME” left the freezer door open overnight and it is always “NOT ME” who uses the last of the toilet paper and can’t put a new one on.  “NOT ME” seems to be the culprit in our house when things go wrong, and I’ve had enough of his/her shenanigans to last me a lifetime!

The name “NOT ME” seems to be very popular since we all apparently have one living in our homes.  Amazing how none of us have ever met “NOT ME” but he/she runs rampant in all of our homes. I’m convinced that “NOT ME” is a sneaky one who lurks when the coast is clear.

So tell me …what has your “NOT ME” been doing to cause chaos in your homes?  And for God’s sake….if any of you know how to catch “NOT ME,” please share.

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Mary Alice Brancato June 06, 2012 at 05:11 PM
Michelle since our dogs think socks are a tug of war toy they have stopped leaving them around as often:) They got tired of asking where their socks went and me pointing to the back yard where the dogs had taken them:)
Susan Levin June 06, 2012 at 05:20 PM
Never met you, but alright
Pamela June 07, 2012 at 03:36 PM
At the age of 13, my son said to me "why didn't you wash my jeans? I have to go out tonight!" I proceeded to take him to the washer and show him how the dials and the detergent worked. The first time my daughter said "You didn't wash my shirt right", I did the same thing. I haven't done their wash in almost 8 years. HOWEVER they still have not mastered the concept of picking the socks up off of the floor! It has now become a contest between me and the dogs. Who can get to them first. If I win, the kids know I will only move those socks to the middle step and then they only have a very small window of time before the dogs win...well in my house, the kids wear ALOT of mis-matched socks:) I've graduated from the maid to the boss and am quite fond of saying "NOT MY JOB MON"
Mary Alice Brancato June 08, 2012 at 01:14 PM
Pamela I'm with ya! All my kids are responsible for doing all their own laundry. After years of fighting my way in the laundry room with mountains of laundry I put my foot down years ago. All 7 of the kids have been finely instructed on the joys of doing their own laundry. With 6 of them still living at home not a day goes by that our poor washer doesn't get a work out but as long as it's not me constantly washing it brings a smile to my face:) Usually I spot the socks when they are dangling from the dogs mouth or during 2 of the dogs having a tug of war. I'll snatch them up and throw them in the laundry room IF they haven't been torn to shreds already. No matter how many toys these 3 dogs have socks seem to be the favorite and judging by the amount of socks they sneak out to our yard the kids should now be sockless! I used to put all the socks in one bin and let them match their own but with everyone wearing white socks they gave up and are thankful if they just have 2. Mismatched socks are the trend with all the school age kids these days so no worries ...as long as their feet are covered...they simply match everyone else.
Pamela June 08, 2012 at 02:13 PM
OMG, I couldn't believe it, mis-matched socks in the store. My kids invented that YEARS ago..We could be rich by now!!:)


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