Letter to the Editor: Unhappy With Voter ID Law

Lansdale Borough Councilman Jack Hansen takes issue with newly-signed Voter ID law

Governor Corbett signed into law the Voter Suppression and Intimidation Law.  He announced that he would sign it as soon as it passed the legislature.  When it passed, it was rushed to his desk and he signed it without regard for the people he is supposed to represent.

With this law he has successfully turned back the hands of time.  Remember Women’s Suffrage, where women were denied their right to vote because of their gender.  Remember President John F. Kennedy, along with Reverend Martin Luther King, fighting for equal rights for all.  This included the right for all to vote in every state in the union.

I have spoken with many about this suppression of voting rights.  The only excuse I have heard is we need a photo ID to buy alcohol, and a photo on our driver’s license to drive a car. We have to remember that buying alcohol is a privilege. Driving a car is a privilege. Voting is a right!

This legislation requires every voter to show photo ID before they vote.  My own mother voted in every election from 1935 on for the rest of her life.  With this legislation she would not have been able to vote after she gave up her driver’s license.  This is not fair!  We have young people who either do not drive or live where they do not need a car.  They will not be able to exercise their right to vote!  We have handicapped individuals who do not have photo ID.  They will not be able to exercise their right to vote! We cannot exclude all of these people from the voter rolls, because of something that is out of their control.

Our Governor and our state legislators--both our state senators, and our state representatives--who voted for this legislation to take away our rights as citizens need to hear from all of us. They did something that is wrong and they know it!

In other countries in the world, people stand in line for hours, and sometimes even for days to cast a vote.  Some of these people are under threat of death, and yet 98-percent of them exercise their right to vote.

I have worked the polls on Election Day for 25 years.  I feel it is my duty as an American--not only to vote--but also to help my fellow American’s to exercise there right to vote.  Here in this wonderful country of ours we are free to speak our minds without fear, and yet on a good election day we can normally only expect about 30% of the registered voters to vote.  That is not all the eligible voters, only those who have registered to vote.

With this Voter Suppression and Intimidation Law, that number will reduce significantly!

Many people live in fear of their government. That is not how it is supposed to be.

We have government of the people, for the people, and by the people.

Elected officials are your friends and neighbors.  Once you get out of the local arena, you may not know these people personally, but they are good people just like you and I.  County officials, state senators and representatives, US Congress, US Senate, and yes, even the President.  They have all started in the same place, regular citizens wanting to help their fellow Americans. Sometimes they lose their way and cast votes without thinking about the rest of us.  That is when it is our job to lead them back on track.

This Voter Suppression and Intimidation Law is one of those times.  We have to tell Gov Corbett, our state representatives, and senators that we want our rights protected.

We want the Voter Suppression and Intimidation Law repealed.

Jack Hansen

Borough Councilman, Lansdale, PA

John Strader March 22, 2012 at 11:30 PM
Gene, there is NO voter impersonation fraud in PA. Voter ID will only address impersonation. We are spending millions on the political fears, not voter fraud.
John Strader March 22, 2012 at 11:32 PM
Voter ID is working to help those who need the help the most, I agreee. However, the real problem is voter turnout, not voter fraud. There is NO voter impersonation in PA, the penalty for this is to great.
John Strader March 22, 2012 at 11:34 PM
There is NO voter impersonation fraud in PA. We can go back years the the boggie men of the past to scare the folk of today. However, the facts are we have a voter turnout problem, not a voter fraud problem. The penalty for voter impersonation is too great. A felony offense!
Jeannette McGinley March 23, 2012 at 12:08 AM
It's not as simple as some people think. To obtain a new photo ID you have to have a previous photo ID. If that is not available you need a birth certificate http://www.portal.state.pa.us/ for the photo card. http://www.ssa.gov/online/ If the SSI is too old to read or you no longer have one you still have to get a birth certificate. To get a birth certificate you need photo Id or two documents verifying your current address. http://www.portal.state.pa.us/ or a SSI. When we speak about how easy this is for seniors we tend to forget change is a struggle as we age. Elderly people especially women don’t drive. They go to the same stores, have the same routines and were here before us. They see change continually; look at the last fifty years. Yes it is possible to get most of the seniors redirected but the trust issues seniors feel can prevent the voter change. We are losing our rights. This is not the beginning and this is not the end. Maybe one day the light bulb will turn on and we will see why we are being kept in the dark.
The Voice March 23, 2012 at 01:18 PM
This law has passed in many States that have Republican Governors. The reason is simple. Many Democrats they figured don't have proper Id and therefore won't be able to vote. The one here in Pennsylvania really isn't that bad as say Texas where even a Student Picture Id isn't acceptable, but a gun permit without a photo is acceptable. To all who claim Obama is taking away are rights are sadly mistaking. It's Republican Governors that are taking away the rights of their Constituents. They have attacked Unions and now are attacking Women and there rights to Birth Control.


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