Report: DNC to Go Negative on Bain Capital

After a week of Republicans singing his praises, a new report says Democrats plan a parade of Bain Capital "victims" to talk about Mitt Romney. Will it sway your vote?

Last week in Tampa Republicans presented a parade of praise for Mitt Romney during the Republican National Committee.

This week in Charlotte Democrats will hold their national convention.  According to a report on the Huffington Post a top Obama Campaign says the convention will feature "multiple employees" of companies controlled by Bain Capital when Romney was with the private equity firm.

Is Bain Capital an issue for you in deciding who to vote for in November? 

What issues will you base your vote on and what would you like to see at the Democratic National Convention this week?

Tell us in the comments section at the bottom of this article.

Susan Kersch September 04, 2012 at 11:08 AM
The economic statistics of the current era speak eloquently of the need for change. No cleverly produced video about a skewed perpsective on Bain Capital will change my decision on how to vote. The Republican Party convention made it clear to me that they are a party of people who will seek the opportunity of each day without being entitled to a government subsidy. I enter the day of commerce remembering the courage of Valley Forge and all of our repsonsibility to engage our talents!
Jenna Reese September 06, 2012 at 01:00 PM
I am so sick of the attacks on Bain....but when you have nothing else to stand on - attack....Bain saved job - yes some lost their jobs but that happens in all businesses when there are changes, resizing. If Romney saved these companies, he also saved many jobs. I heard Steny Hoyer at the DNC talk about increased manufacturing. I spit my coffee - when was the last time you bought anything made in the USA. There is no increased manufacturing - it's all getting redistributed to China as per UN agenda 21. Steny at least tell the truth. The people can handle it. The economy is right where the Dems want it - UN Agenda 21 calls for redistribution of resources, wealth, economies, standard of living so on. It amazes how easy it is to manipulate the American public with words. Politicians count on the people not to know the real facts. It makes avoiding truth and telling outright lies - a piece of cake. In case anyone thinks the 1% are the rich Wall Street guys, think again. By world standards the USA is the 1% and we are being taken down. Do your homework folks - your lives depend on it - literally, Healthcare is also being redistributed - and guess who is paying for it?


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