Shooter Pleads Guilty for Death During Jefferson at the Creek Standoff

Andrew Cairns will serve between 14 to 30 years in prison, according to the plea bargain with Bucks County prosecutors.

The apartment building where the shootout took place.
The apartment building where the shootout took place.
The Warminster man who exchanged gunfire with Warminster police last February from his apartment at the Jefferson on the Creek apartment complex has pleaded guilty to third-degree murder for the death of his 89-year-old neighbor who was killed in the crossfire, the Intelligencer reports.

According to the report, Andrew Cairns, 50, will serve 14 to 30 years in prison, a sentence determined by the plea bargain with prosecutors. He will then serve 10 years probation and undergo treatment for substance abuse and mental health issues.

Marie Zienkewicz was struck and killed by a bullet fired by a police rifle when she opened her door to assist her neighbor and Cairns' girlfriend. Police believed she was Cairns and fire at her. The Bucks County district attorney said that Cairns' actions created the situation that caused Zienkewicz's death.

Ryan January 18, 2014 at 08:59 AM
I understand that Andrew Cairns created the initial situation that eventually led to the death of Marie Zienkewicz and I believe that he should be accountable for his actions. However I also believe that the police officer that didn't know what unit # he was shooting at and couldn't tell the difference between an 80yr old woman and a 50yr old male also needs to be severely charged or punished for his actions. We don't need officers like this on our police force or people will be afraid to call them in the future to help out our fellow citizens in a real state of emergency.


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