Archbishop Wood's Layout May Pose Problems for Voters

Voters in districts #1 and #17 need to make sure they approach the school in the right direction, or they may miss the entrance.

Many Warminster voters have already been presented with the challenge of finding the new location of their polling center. Registered voters in districts 1 and 17 have an extra complication they need to consider on November 6.

The move from Longstreth Elementary on Roberts Road to the new site in the auditorium of Archbishop Wood means that on Election Day, the voters need to make sure they enter the school grounds at the correct entrance, through the south gates on York Road (next to Hatboro Federal Savings).

The catch is, the only way to access the south entrance is by traveling northbound on York Road. If you are coming from the north, the median in the road will prevent you from turning into the parking lot. The north entrance (next to Perkins) is an exit only driveway.

If you live in the neighborhoods surrounding Longstreth, the best way to get to the correct entrance is by finding your way to Mearns, travel south on Mearns to Street Road and make a right at the light. The next intersection is Street and York, where you make another right, which will then allow you access to Wood's parking lot. Take the driveway at the front of the school to the auditorium, park and cast your vote.

Click here to find your polling district location, but keep in mind that the information has not yet been updated with the new locations. If you normally vote at Longstreth, Log College, Leary or Abington Health Center, your location has changed.

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