Kampf Calls for Restraint after CT Shootings

State Rep Warren Kampf calls on lawmakers and the public to take a broad view before rushing to gun control legislation.

State Representative Warren Kampf (R-157) is calling on lawmakers and the public to take a broad approach to responding to the Connecticut school shootings that left 20 children and six adults dead last Friday.

In an editorial sent to Patch, the newly re-elected State Representative says "I do not believe we can rush into a course of action.  For one thing, all of the facts about the Newtown shootings are not yet available.  To take action without the correct facts is to risk making decisions that do not meet our common goals and would waste our collective will on weak or useless measures."

Here is the full text of the Op-Ed from Kampf.

Reflections on the Horror of Newtown

By Warren Kampf

157th District

In response to the tragic events in Newtown, CT, there is a natural call to do something to prevent this from ever happening again.  I feel that call myself.

As a father of two young children as well as a former criminal prosecutor, I am shocked, disbelieving, grieving and saddened.  In the face of this, I do not agree with those who simply say, "No," to any future changes or declare there is no "political will" to make change. 

However, I do not believe we can rush into a course of action.  For one thing, all of the facts about the Newtown shootings are not yet available.  To take action without the correct facts is to risk making decisions that do not meet our common goals and would waste our collective will on weak or useless measures.

I believe we must also look at this problem in a very broad manner rather than simply focusing on one area or issue.  

Some change occurred years ago with the shootings at Columbine, and then with Virginia Tech, and in other somewhat similar moments.  Maybe we can learn from what was done in the wake of those events or build on those responses.  I feel we must again look at issues in our mental health system, possible common sense measures related to firearms or ammunition capacity, the security measures in place at our schools, the impact of violent content in our culture on our citizens, and even more. 

We must bring people together and study the facts, research, and reforms made around the world after events like this.  This can help us prevent such tragedies from occurring in the future.   

The actions of the Newtown shooter at their core, however, are inexplicable to me, and the deaths of those children and teachers make no sense. 

We must be honest about that no matter what actions we take, be they legislative or otherwise.  Of course, this awareness should not prevent us from trying.  We know that other forms of evil have indeed been driven from the earth by collective efforts, but an expectation that all pain, suffering, tragedy, and horror can be eradicated is as misguided as the belief that nothing can ever be done. 

Whatever we do, I feel we must make thoughtful and reasoned decisions on how to move forward.  Our nation cries today for the victims, and I believe tomorrow we can honor them with good works if we act wisely. 

Jenna Reese December 28, 2012 at 01:04 PM
What has happened to this society is the outcome of progressive policies and agendas. Rot the society from the inside out, break up the family, increase crime, flood the culture with drugs, take out religion, all so the people will turn to the govt to stop the madness....bottom up, top down, inside out. Alinsky would be very proud of all the useless idiots willing to give up their freedoms, unravel the constitution and look to the "state" to fix our ills. I don't think you have any idea of the price you will ultimately be paying..
Devon Resident December 28, 2012 at 09:06 PM
God had nothing to do with Newtown. If he did, he should have stopped the slaughter of children and all the other random cruelty that occurs every day of every year all over the world. Maybe he likes randomly picking innocent children to suffer violent deaths. If so, I want nothing to do with him and don't know why anyone else would. As for the 2nd amendment, I haven't heard anyone suggest repealing it. I don't know why you're even discussing that. I do agree completely with your views on progressive parenting, however. I think the blame for Newtown lies all over the place, with mass-murder weapon fans, and the "progressive" parents telling their children how perfect and deserving they are just for being born. I bet a lot of these young killers are young men angry that the rest of the world doesn't think they're as great as their parents said they were.
RosiesDad December 28, 2012 at 10:48 PM
@Devon Resident: Pretty much spot on. No, God had nothing to do with it. And being Christian, Jewish, Muslim, agnostic, atheist, had nothing to do with it. Mental illness is a common problem in mass shootings although refusal to receive treatment is usually less of a problem than inability to get treatment. And in the case of Adam Lanza, we don't know how severe his mental illness problems were but you've got to ask yourself why, if he had mental health issues, his mother kept an unsecured arsenal in the house she shared with him. The Federal instacheck system is not tied to comprehensive mental health records on a state by state basis and it should be. And not only for the person seeking to buy a firearm but also for all members of their household. The VA Tech shooter had a long history of mental health issues but bought his guns legally only a year after being brought in for a psych consult. The N Ill U shooter was discharged from the army because of mental health issues but was able to buy his guns legally. Jared Loughner was known to have mental health issues and he bought his Glock legally. How many more shootings need to be committed by mentally ill individuals before we try to make it more difficult for them to get guns?
Jenna Reese December 29, 2012 at 02:46 PM
Its the principles Concerned mom. Our founding documents state we have the right to bear and carry arms (to fight tyranny and to protect ourselves). Are govt officials going to continue having their body guards with their automatic assault weapons? while we cannot? ....they talk out of both sides of their mouths. This is not about protecting anything but our right to carry and bears arms and nothing more
Jenna Reese December 29, 2012 at 02:47 PM


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