Leo Quinn Named Chairperson for Warminster Board of Supervisors

With the newly sworn in Mark McKee, the Republican majority board moved to name a new township manager and solicitor.

Minutes after he was selected chairperson of the Warminster Board of Supervisors during Tuesday night's re-organization meeting, Leo Quinn began what he called a "sea change" for the township by voting with the Republican majority for a new township manager and solicitor. Richard Manfredi has been named acting township manager, replacing Bob Tate, who said he was informed 10 days ago that he would be asked to tender his resignation. Tate had no further comment on his removal.

"This evening we have strengthened our professional team by bringing people on board who will understand their roles and will work with and for all of us to provide the highest level of service for the people of Warminster in the most cost effective manner," said Quinn in a statement before the votes.

Mary Eberle, from the law firm Grim, Biehn & Thatcher, has been selected to replace Michael Savona as township solicitor, with Savona's services still being retained to follow through with ongoing township business. Eberle is also solicitor for Horsham Township and serves as solicitor for the Horsham Township Authority (HLRA).

Her service on the HLRA impressed Quinn enough to agree with fellow supervisor Tom Panzer's nomination of Eberle for the township solicitor position.

"To say she is impressive is putting it lightly," said Quinn. "Mr. Savona did a good job, she will do a better one."

Supervisor Ellen Jarvis disagreed with the nomination, saying that Savona had made great progress in his four years as township supervisor and that Eberle's selection was a result of pay-to-play politics and reward for Eberle's support of the Republican party.

Panzer refuted Jarvis' assertion and said the change in township professionals comes with the change in the board's party majority.

"We have selected a new management team," said Panzer. "The taxpayers will be the judge of whether or not we made a favorable decision."

The management moves were possible due to the addition of Mark McKee to the board of supervisors. He defeated Democrat Jim Scott in November's and replaced outgoing Democrat Gail Johnson. McKee and township auditor Tom Davis were sworn into office by District Judge Daniel Finello at the beginning of Tuesday's meeting.

"I hope I enjoy serving as much as I enjoyed campaigning," said McKee. "I look forward to working with all the members of the board to improve the township."

Volunteers who finished their terms serving on various township committees were presented with commendations and thanked for their service. A special note of gratitude was extended to the members of the Tricentennial Committee, including chairperson Finello and McKee. With the tricentennial celebrations , the committee will return to its original designation as the Historical Preservation Committee.

Pete Krenshaw January 06, 2012 at 05:53 AM
Someone should tell Ellen Jarvis that political appointments are just that - political.
Pete Krenshaw January 09, 2012 at 03:25 PM
And you didn't cost the taxpayer anything did you Ellen? It appears that you have cost the Township MILLIONS with you "non-political" labor contracts with the unions, setting us back years if not decades. And lets not forget the liberties you took while chairperson with your "entitlements"... As Mr. Panzer said, the decisions made by the current majority will speak for themselves. In my opinion, it was beyond time for Bob Tate to go. With this past election, the public has spoken loudly and clearly. It was time for a change and you are lucky you were not up for re-election. Which reminds me, have the Warminster Democrats taken you back or are you still a party of 1?
Pete Krenshaw January 09, 2012 at 05:20 PM
You didn't vote "yes" for the new contracts for the police and public works departments? You didn't attempt to take advantage of "free" benefits? I don't know the details of the contracts for the manager, solicitor or the engineers but I appreciate your efforts to keep things honest in this regard. I also have not heard anything about the Zoning Hearing Board secretary and I do find it to be interesting to say the least. I wish you could do the same in regards to being honest about the past decisions and actions made by the previous majority and yourself. I take offense to you stating I promulgate lies and innuendo on this forum. It is my belief this forum should be used in order to express opposing views and have the voices heard by everyone, including those elected to office such as yourself. Set the record straight if I am wrong. I only know what has been presented in public meetings and in the "papers". The fact is, you did vote for a new contract for police and public works, adding millions of dollars to the expense side of the Township budget for years to come. It is also a fact you left or were asked to leave the Warminster Democrats after some questionable decisions on your part in regards to insurance premiums while you were the chairperson of the BOS, is it not? I apologize if these facts hurt your feelings, I am just trying to get at the truth. And you are incorrect, I am not a "GOP operative" - just a concerned citizen.
Pete Krenshaw January 09, 2012 at 07:29 PM
I guess this is where we have a difference of opinion regarding the contract extension for the police and public works. From what I remember, the contracts would have expired after one more year but were extended with guaranteed pay increases and removing the possibility of layoffs. I am not saying I want to see reductions in staffing but I do want a responsible government in place. Now we have our hands tied with the extension. By opening up negotiations in a non-contract year, you basically asked for a favor (concessions in the new contract year one) at the expense of the following new contract years. In my opinion, we would have been better off negotiating new terms when the contracts were expiring, not a year ahead of time. I am also confused about your statement in regards to paying double consultants. Are you saying we will be paying two engineers to do the same work? I was under the impression one would handle plan reviews, continue with public improvement plans, ect while giving up the traffic engineering and the other would only do traffic engineering. I don't see a double payment there. Same goes for the solicitor... And in regards to the Twp Manager, isn't it standard practice to have a severance agreement? Perhaps Bob Tate doesn't deserve one based on his past performance what with the cover-up of health care premium payments and the shell games he played with the bill lists. I guess there may be more to that story you you could share with us.


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