Poll: Is Paul Ryan a Good Choice for Vice President?

Pennsylvania’s Republicans and Democrats react to Mitt Romney’s pick for his Vice President, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan.

Obviously, Republicans and Democrats are split. Republicans say for Vice President – Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin – is a great choice because Ryan is a rising GOP star bent on reining in federal spending.

Democrats, on the other hand, say Ryan is an extremist in his views on revamping Medicare. Here’s what state party officials say:

Pennsylvania Republican leaders praised Romney's choice of running mate.

"I congratulate Paul Ryan on being selected to join Mitt Romney on the Republican Presidential ticket," said Rob Gleason, chairman of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, in a press statement. ... “Quite simply, President Obama has failed," continued Gleason. "The unemployment rate has now been above 8 percent for 42 straight months. Friday’s jobs report illustrates how Obama has failed to fix the economy and meet his own standards: He promised his massive $831 billion stimulus would create millions of jobs and bring unemployment down to around 5.5 percent by today. Most staggering of all, the real unemployment rate is 15 percent! That means that 15 percent of Americans either can’t find a job, full-time work or have given up even trying to find a job.  That is this President’s legacy and the reason Pennsylvanians are going to vote for the Romney-Ryan ticket."

Pennsylvania Democrats also issued a statement on Romney's choice.

"Mitt Romney's selection of Paul Ryan proves once again that he has the wrong agenda for middle class Pennsylvanians," said Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Jim Burn in the release. "Paul Ryan shares Mitt Romney's commitment to helping the wealthy at the expense of the middle class. Ryan is the author of a budget plan that will increase taxes for the middle class and end Medicare as we know it, all to fund tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. The Romney-Ryan agenda will cut investments in education, clean energy, and innovation that will help our economy grow while returning to the same failed trickle down economic policies of the past. The Romney-Ryan budget plan will cost America over 1 million jobs while cutting key investments in middle class programs like Head Start and veterans health care. Mitt Romney's choice of Paul Ryan has made it clear that he will abandon the middle class and seniors and take us back to the same failed policies of the past that hurt middle class Pennsylvanians."

What’s your side?

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Peter Kendall August 16, 2012 at 01:29 AM
Ken, that surplus was nothing more than the internet bubble's capital gains taxes flooding the treasury. That flood of cash quickly disappeared when the market crashed... during Clinton's reign. So, we could say that the vaunted Clinton years left us an instant deficit for Bush to inherit.... much lower revenues, but steadily-increasing spending. Clinton did nothing on his own to create the surplus, which again, vanished in his last year in office. I know. I still own Cisco at $55 a share, trading at $18 12 years later.
Good Luck Repubs August 16, 2012 at 01:46 AM
What do you think will happen during the debates? Mitt wants to defend the tax cuts for the rich and Ryan wants to cut Medicare. Mitt wants to do away with Obamacare, which was Mittcare when Mitt was govenor. Dont forget Obamacare stops insurance companies from dumping people with pre-existing conditions and stops the 2 million dollar lifetime cap. So now Mitt is going to tell the elderly and sick and poor (half of our population now) that they aren't entitled to a Medicare program they have been taxed for their whole life and if they get really sick too bad. I wish them good luck because the general public will not vote for any of this. If I pay for Social Security and Medicare my whole life through taxes that say on my check "Social Security" and "Medicare" I consider it my right not an entitlement.
joe c August 16, 2012 at 02:03 AM
good luck repubs listen u have no idea what your talking about the ryan bill doesssss not affect anyone over 55 they keep medicare and can opt out if they want anyone under can stay in medicaree get can stay and has optioon to invest there money in any ins company they want thats free choice, the plan does not go in affect till 2024 which means if u are 55 now your grandfathered in if your under 55 u can stay or leave read the facts stop spreading lies and romney tax breaks are for everyone rich people will have money no matter. what tax there is but they wont invest or create jobs either if there money wont flow, and btw those medicare taxes im paying your paying arent goin in a fund for u an me there paying for someone elses medicare. because its broke ane obama care take 500 billion dollars from medicare thats a fact he said it go look it up, so your wrong stop lieing read the facts
Keith Best September 09, 2012 at 07:59 PM
Here are the job numbers the media is not reporting about the August job numbers that just came out. This is what the media is telling you...and it's true. "The unemployment rate dropped from 8.3% to 8.1%. 96,000 jobs created in August." Here are numbers they are NOT telling you: 1) 368,000 people STOPPED looking for work in August. Meaning they CANNOT be counted as unemployed. These people have no more unemployment benefits to claim and have realized there are zero jobs out there for them. If you were to re-calculate those numbers and include the people who are no longer looking for work, the unemployment rate would be 12%. This number does not include the UNDEREMPLOYED, or the people who have stopped looking for work over the past 3 years; that number would be an astonishing 23%. 2) 69% of men are working. Meaning 31% are not. The lowest % of working men since the 1940's. 3) The number of employed Americans is at the lowest number in the past 31 years. An incredible number considering there are more people now in the USA than there were in 1981. 4) A record high of 88,921,000 Americans whom are not in the civilian labor force. 5) Manufacturers have cut the most jobs in August than at anytime in the past two years. 6) The supposed "job growth" each month is LESS THAN the number of people LEAVING the workforce every month. People leaving the work force CANNOT be counted as unemployed. Romney/ Ryan can fix this with more than "Hope and Change".
Susan Gibbons September 09, 2012 at 08:23 PM
not true.


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