Centennial School Board Set to Meet Monday

Approval of change orders for Tennent and advertising bids for school buses are among the agenda items.

The Centennial School Board will vote to approve the advertising of bids for new school buses tonight during its regularly scheduled meeting at the at 7 p.m.

The vehicles that the district has requested bids for include two 24-passenger buses ($55,000 each), one 42-passenger bus ($95,000) and four 77-passenger buses ($85,000 each) for a total of approximately $545,000 from the 2012-2013 budget.

There is also an $18,698.20 change order requested for the removal of additional hazardous materials from the William Tennent High School construction site.

The agenda begins with a scheduled presentation of petitions gathered by the high school tennis team which supports the establishment of the Michelle Caruso Memorial Garden that would be located near the school's tennis courts. Caruso was a security officer with the school district until her death on Sept. 8.

Her daughter, Kayla, is a member of the Tennent tennis team, which made Caruso and integral part of the team's daily lives, according to a letter sent to Assistant Superintendant William Gretton. The letter states that many faculty members and other students have volunteered to assist with the creation of the garden, including an art teacher to create a commemorative plaque and Middle Bucks Institute of Technology students to help with the landscape design. 

In other district news, principal Eileen Poroszok has taken a voluntary leave of absence. Superintendant Dr. Jenny Cressman could not comment on the reason for the leave, but said that Assistant Superintendant of Education Dr. Joyce Mundy is overseeing operations at the school.


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