Centennial School District Administration Shake-Up

One school board director said these are all positive changes that will put the district on the right track for the future.

Upper Southampton Patch recently received a copy of the following email, that was reportedly sent to the entire community. This email details staffing changes within staffing Centennial's administration, due to take effect July 1.

School Board Director Mark Miller said staffing changes were alluded to at the , but the specific details were only made available in this email.

June 27, 2012

Dear Centennial Community,

At last evening’s meeting of the Board of School Directors, the Board acted on the resignation of two administrators in the District, together with a requested change of assignment by another:

• Mr. Al Heinle, former Assistant Principal of Stackpole and Longstreth Elementary Schools, who has accepted a principal position in the Wallingford-Swarthmore School District.

• Ms. Lezley Dale, Secondary Special Education Supervisor, who has accepted a position at the Bucks County Intermediate Unit.

• Mrs. Kelley O’Leary, former Principal of Stackpole and Longstreth Elementary Schools, who after considerable thoughtful reflection, has decided to return to our faculty as our Literacy Coordinator.  

We wish a fond farewell and offer our best wishes to Mr. Heinle and Ms. Dale. We are all excited about Mrs. O’Leary’s new leadership role in oversight of our elementary reading and language arts program as she previously served our District as a gifted reading specialist.

In order to fill these vacancies, my Administration recommended and the Board of School Directors has authorized some proposed changes to the assignments of several other administrators and hired an experienced Supervisor of Special Education with national credentials.

• Mr. Ronald Logan, who has accepted the Secondary Special Education Supervisor position in our Student Services Department.

• Ms. Julie Henrich, formerly Acting Assistant Principal of William Tennent High School, now Assistant Principal to William Tennent High School.

• Ms. Maryanne Ormsby, formerly Assistant Principal at William Tennent High School, now Assistant Principal at Klinger Middle School.

• Mrs. Paula Voshell, formerly Principal of Willow Dale Elementary, now Principal of Davis Elementary School.

• Dr. Michael Devitt, formerly Assistant Principal of William Tennent High School, now Assistant Principal of Davis Elementary School

.• Ms. Johnna Ithier, formerly Assistant Principal of Klinger Middle School, now Assistant Principal of McDonald Elementary School.

• Mr. Michael Donnelly, formerly Assistant Principal of Willow Dale Elementary School, now Acting Principal of Willow Dale Elementary School.

• Mr. Miles Roe, formerly Assistant Principal of McDonald Elementary School, now Assistant Principal of Willow Dale Elementary School.

These changes were proposed to the Board on the basis of assessing the current leadership needs in the District and assigning administrators to the positions that would best utilize their talents in service to our children.

The reassignment of administrators is being undertaken to ensure that the administrative team is best positioned to provide stability and cheerfully lead our new school communities into the future. 

Our administrators look forward to getting to know the faculty, staff, families, and children whom they will be serving in the 2012-2013 School Year and will be reaching out over the summer to all members of their communities to begin that process.

On behalf of the Board of School Directors and Administration, please accept our best wishes for a safe, happy, healthy summer vacation.  We look forward to seeing and working with you in the new academic year.

Yours truly,

Jennifer E. Cressman,

Ph.D.Superintendent of Schools


Sadie June 29, 2012 at 09:06 PM
It looks like Tennent will have stability issues as well, and why the lack of transparency? Why were the experienced high school administrators moved to Davis & Klinger? What will this mean for discipline and safety?
warmama June 30, 2012 at 04:12 AM
Unless they are hiring somebody, it looks like that leaves only two asst. principals at Tennent.
concerned123 July 02, 2012 at 07:14 PM
A real shake up in a good way would be all the board members are outed and fresh blood with financial sense take their places !
Deborah November 01, 2012 at 07:37 PM
Mrs. O'Leary will be dearly missed as principal of Davis School. It's a shame the restructuring has caused this to happen. We wish her the best and hope that one day she will return as an acting principal at one of the Cenntenial School District schools.
warmama January 19, 2013 at 02:19 AM
What happened to Maryanne Ormsby? She was an asst principal in Tennent for years. They transferred her to Klinger and now she apparently is gone, but typical of this district, no mention of it anywhere. She is still listed as asst. principal of Klinger on the website, but in the board meeting in which they hired the Klinger principal for the prinicpal position at Tennent, they said they had to fill both the principal and asst. principal position at Klinger before he could move over to Tennent.


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