McDonald School Construction Behind Schedule

The construction at the new Region 2 Elementary School is still running behind schedule, despite moving a little closer to to the original projected timeline

Construction at the new Region 2 Elementary School is running approximately three weeks behind schedule, according to official reports.

Mike Crain of Reynolds Construction Management told members of the Centennial School Board Operations Committee that the project was approximately 24 days behind schedule. 

"That is a lot better than it was a couple of months ago, when it was about 40 days behind," he said. 

Crain also asked the members of the committee to consider a change order estimated at $24,000.

He said unlike the plans for the Davis School, there is no trash dock at tne new McDonald building. Crain said adding a scissor lift to the plans would enable the trash to be lifted in the dumpster mechanically, thereby eliminating the possibility of back injury.

Centennial's Assistant Superintendent of Operations Bill Gretton agreed saying, "with any substantial trash in a large dumpster, this will make it much easier to lift for the custodians.” 

The Operations Comittee voted 3-0 to forward the change order to the full school board for consideration for approval. 

Committee members said they are planning another site visit for mid-March, to check out the progress of the construction.  

Plans to demolish the former McDonald Elementary School building are still set for this summer. 

Tired of Hypocrisy February 26, 2013 at 07:19 PM
And the surprise would be? When the fact of the construction being behind was brought to attention months ago, the lackluster School Board and Administration denied it. It was obvious to anyone that drove by and looked that the school would not be ready. Luckily the school calander was altered a month or so ago, taking away the supposed Spring break because the District were unaware that teachers could not move their classrooms to yhe new building in a mere few days. Typical Centennial, lack of foresight, intelligence and concern. Now an additional $24,000 for a scissor lift. Did the District check into the cost before agreeing? No, why should they, not their money they are spending, it is ours.
terri halczak February 26, 2013 at 11:30 PM
What a surprise! The high school is still not finished. Not just little things. PA system, leaks. That is what you get when you hire non skilled labor, and don't hold them accountable. This is our tax dollars they carelessly are using. I agree with the new schools, but come on. Haven't we learned from the past, do it right the first time. Pay for it to be done right the first time. So it costs a little more, but our kids who are attending Tennent now won't be watching and paying for a fourth Tennent to be built in 25 years.
Lavender Green February 27, 2013 at 06:10 PM
Having a back ground of working in a construction company who built a lot of schools, there are many different issues that arise. Personally I believe that the school has way to many amenities to make the teachers lives easier. What happened to the good old days when the teachers actually taught! They watched their own kids at recess and oh yea they didn't have teaching assistants in to assist them, and the children learned just fine or maybe even better. I have seen what companies do to bid these jobs, they go into it with the idea of "change orders" with building a school during the winter months they need to allow for snow, rain anything that will holt the process. But the idea of paying that amount for a lift is just dumb. They didn't shop around, they could have gotten it at a better dollar amount. The system and how it utilizes funds needs to change, they way they solve issues needs to change. Its a trickle effect from the building of the school all the way to un-qualified individuals working at the schools to the kids having to bring in extra money to cover costs of items they use in class, (mind you these items were covered many years ago but due to the budget being spend on crap like a lift the kids have to pay) It wont change because these highly paid individuals need to make the place they work in state of the art, they need to have cushy comfy and not what it all started out as.
Lavender Green April 08, 2013 at 07:24 PM
Not to long ago an story was run on the delay on the construction of McDonald Elementary School and the progress of their change orders for a "better" trash compactor for the staff. Well it is so depressing to know that a change order was put through for this however the children will be doing without the playground equipment they had planned on getting, not enough money! Now I was so appalled to hear from some parents that their children were requesting $20.00 to be brought in per the teachers requests for the purchase of the playground equipment which was slated for the project. I was really furious seeing the amount they are paying for a trash compactor for the staff but the hell with the kids! This school was built using our tax monies and I for one would like the children to have the playground they ordered, without the teachers requesting the kids to ask the parents for more money. Why so when it does not happen the kids can think its their fault, I would love to hear others opinions on this, I would love to hear what the school has to say, better yet I would love to hear them cut the change order for the compactor and apply that money to the kids, believe me it wont hurt the school for the staff to have to bend down and pick up the trash and throw it in the compactor! Give to the kids!


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