NSB President Compares Neshaminy to Centennial

In a live online town hall meeting, Neshaminy School Board President compared Neshaminy's contract woes to the Centennial School District.

Neshaminy School Board President Ritchie Webb participated in a live online town hall meeting, hosted by the Courier Times, Thursday evening when he compared Neshaminy School District's current contract woes to the issues plaguing the Centennial School District.

"The bottom line is if we ever sign a contact that we cannot afford, we would end up in a Centennial situation," Webb said.

According to Warminster Patch, the Centennial is looking at not only a this year, but is also projecting even larger deficits within the next few years as the district's PSERS contribution requirements continue to rise. Centennial has also consolidated its elementary schools from six to three and eliminated some staff as a result, but the school board is in preparation of the looming deficits.

In the town hall, Webb stated that the district cannot raise taxes, the revenue stream has gone down and the district's expenses are up.

In the Neshaminy Federation of Teacher's latest contract proposal, the union suggested that the district raise taxes and take money out of its reserves to afford the contract. However, Webb stated that the district cannot do any of those things and that the district has about $40 million worth of needs for the buildings.

In order to afford the union's latest contract offer, Webb stated that the school board would have to "deplete our reserves, or a big chunk of it," which he said would both "devestate" the district and be "foolish."

According to Webb, the Neshaminy School Board predicted Centennial's current situation. 

"I have said from day one that we cannot sign a contract that we cannot afford. You can’t lay off a teacher for economic reasons; you have to cut a program or close a school," he said.

"Our schools were built for the children, not for the teachers," Webb stated.

Webb also addressed Neshaminy's last contract, which the Neshaminy teachers are still working under though it's expired.

"It was unaffordable from the day it was signed."

concerned123 March 15, 2012 at 08:56 PM
Alllsion you sound like a teacher , Constant negitive rhetoric? What world are you living in ? Do you not have a tv or read a paper. We are in the worst economic times since the great depression. People are losing their homes and jobs, pay 50 to 100 % in their healthcare insurance and have'nt had raises in years. People see their school taxes raising every year, disctricts filing act 1 exemptions to raise taxes even higher and Teachers always complaing about their contracts, always wanting more. So you wonder why there unions get bad press? Lets get some facts straight. If you were at last years school board meetting to vote on the current contract it was stated by M.s Mueller that with teachers steps in their matrix system they would be getting raises the amount I stated above. The salaries I stated are also correct and were published in the times last year and stated by Ms Mueller in the meeting. And lets not forget this is for 9 months of work .
Allison Carter March 16, 2012 at 12:09 AM
WOw...so someone who supports teachers must be one? Interesting. This area hasn't raised taxes the way that they should have over the last several years, and again are suffering the consequences. And I was in fact at the school board meeting, listening to Mark Miller say in one breath he hadn't read the contract and then in the next breath site specific details that were in it. Nine months of work? That's the negative rhetoric I'm talking about, as you obviously have no idea what a teacher actually does with his time, nor do you understand how a teacher's schedule works. What would you have a teacher do during the summer, when school isn't in session? Let's punish teachers with that same old "you only work nine months" when THAT'S WHEN SCHOOL'S IN SESSION. Many teachers tutor, have second jobs on weekends, and fill in those free days with workshops and webinars trying to better themselves to be better teachers for their students. If you have a problem with the matrix, change it. How else are teachers supposed to be rewarded for their work, other than the matrix? Merit pay? Fine! Let's see an implementation of merit pay that would work, and I'm sure you'd have teachers support it. Teachers didn't make the system what it is, and they aren't to blame when a school board voted for their contract.
JML March 16, 2012 at 08:41 PM
Langhorne Mom July 17, 2012 at 07:30 PM
You had the chance to change your future when you CHOSE your profession. Choose a different profession, and you will get a different outcome. PROFESSIONALS - doctors, lawyers, teachers - those who influence our futures DESERVE our best. You want more? Get a teaching, lawyer, or MD degree and you will get it! Don't blame them because they chose to work their asses off to get what they have!
Langhorne Mom July 17, 2012 at 07:32 PM
"Our schools were built for the children, not for the teachers," Webb stated. Who is reaching these children? The teachers.


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