Dave Conard
I am a Montgomery County native who graduated from Boyertown High School and a writer / photographer who started contributing to Patch in January. I love what I do.
I am so happy and proud to be a part of a "community-first" news organization and look forward to covering more events and sports that otherwise may get overlooked by "mainstream media" as they produce their cookie-cutter publications. Some of the highlights of my career include having my photographs published on the covers of three golf magazines, covering the LPGA at the McDonald's championship for seven years and covering the induction of one of my heroes, Ron Hextall, into the Flyers Hall of Fame on the night his banner was raised. They all pale in comparison to my all-time highlight thus far, which was covering the 50th running of the Daytona 500 in 2009. To see 250,000 people at one event is an image that won't soon be forgotten. I have enjoyed being a writer throughout high school and working fulltime as a writer/ photographer for a local newspaper group. For 15 years, being an executive chef was the way I earned my living. I was proud to be on the board of directors in the Philadelphia chapter of the American Culinary Federation, which required more 70-hour work weeks than I care to mention. I have an amazing daughter who truly is the light of my life. When she was born, I wanted to be able to spend as much time as possible being a dad and chose to pursue my true love of photo journalism as a career.  I had an opportunity to shoot for NASCAR fulltime, following the Daytona 500, but being a dad is the most imprtant thing I will ever do in my life. I could not bear being away from my "peanut" each week. Since 2008, I have had my own photography business of which my website can be viewed at www.drcphoto.org.  I have three phrases/mottos that best describe my outlook:  *Choose your attitude each day *Treat each day like the gift that it is *Find the positive in everything
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