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I've been a Warminster resident about 13 years.  I grew up in Olney and it was a wonderful environment to grow up in.  I wanted that for my kids so we picked up and brought our large crew here to Warminster. 
I attended St. Helena's school, Cardinal Dougherty and graduated from LaSalle University. I am the Mother of many.  I have 7 kids ranging in age from 25 -12 year old twins.  We are constantly on the go as our kids are very active in sports. We all deal with curveballs in life...it's just how we hit them back that counts!  Everyone needs a hand up sometimes and I'm a firm believer that we all have to lend a hand....one day we may be the ones needing that hand up! I don't believe money makes us rich....love is what makes us rich and I am very fortunate to have a large gang full of love. I see life as the cup half full and make the most of my life.  I believe a simple smile has the power to change the course of someone's day.  I believe we should all reach out ....why not!  It brings joy to the person you're helping and to yourself:)
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