Valentine's Day Can be a Senior Moment

Finding love at any age.

Wisdom does come with age, according to pharmacologist and author, Professor Susan Greenfield.

Greenfield states on links2love.com that although our bodies may deteriorate, our minds can develop and our consciousness can deepen as long as we stimulate the brain, which strengthens the networks of connections.

 Strengthening these connections can be as easy as finding someone to share your life with, especially in your senior years.

Two couples who can attest to this can be found most days at the Ben Wilson Senior Center on Delmont Ave.

Pat and Maria DA'Gostino of Hatboro have been married for 53 years. At that time, Pat's family owned a bar called the Bristol Road Manor Bar, where he met Maria, the woman he would soon marry. Maria was fairly new to the United States, having come here from Italy in 1955.

 “It was love at first sight,” Pat and Maria agreed. She knew he was the man she would marry.

 But how did they both know it was true love? “I just looked at her and fell in love,” said Pat and he wasn't shy about telling Maria that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

They dated about six months - met on Thanksgiving and married in April the following year.

The DA'Gostino's spend a lot of their time at the Wilson Senior Center socializing and making friends. As a couple, the are active either dancing, playing cards or going to the movies.

 Another senior couple is Norma Peacock and Tony DePinto. They met at the Senior Center at the urging of a friend, who insisted they should talk.

Living together now for 14 years, Norma calls herself part of the 'new modern group' of seniors who choose not to marry. Norma enjoys her independence and offers advice to other couples that a successful relationship is built on "give and take.”

Norma and Tony love to travel and have been to Alaska, Bermuda and New England.

Advice and pointers from the experts for finding love in your senior years include trying a new activity, expanding your social circle and taking a class in something you are interested in.

Some places to meet a new love interest are community centers, music and book clubs or other community associations.

According to Match.com's relationship experts, Americans age 50 and older are the fastest growing demographic on their dating site.

EHarmony's experts state that at some point, women have to give up excuses and to no longer care what others think of them. Approaching "aging with passion" is an agreed upon motto for dating in the senior years.

If you're inspired to get on your dancing shoes this Valentine's Day, head over to Majestic Oaks at 333 Newtown Road, Warminster, 2-4 pm for a free Valentine's Day Dance. DJ and valet parking included plus a carnation for the ladies!

RSVP: (215) 672-9082.






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